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Tips To Use full coverage dental insurance

Minutes of preĀ  full coverage dental insurance wedging before we actually start to put in our matrix and start to restore so in this case right here you can see that there’s always some separation this is about minutes after we place the wedge there’s some separation between .

 full coverage dental insurance
full coverage dental insurance
  • That cane and in that cream holder so you can see that the bicuspid actually moved or the wedge actually moved the cuspid a little bit more towards the mesial and we have a little bit more of a nuff open contact now so what’s gonna happen .
  • When we restore these teeth well what’s gonna happen is by allowing that contact to be closer to where it actually is it’s gonna be .
  • A lot tighter so once we remove that wedge that tooth is going to want to go back to its original position like if it was a spring but the problem is that now that tooth is a little bit wider so as before if you can see that we have.

That space right there once we create that close contact with our matrix even though our matrix has a little bit of width to it once we remove that and the tooth goes back to its position it’s gonna give us a very tight contact point again don’t be scared .

Because sometimes once we remove the wedge at the end and you try to floss right away you can see the floss just goes right through doesn’t give you much resistance or it gives you a little bit of resistance but not you’re scared that it’s not gonna be enough for you to actually have.

A tight contact point remember you’ve had the wedge in there all throughout your prep so you remove the decay you remove the previous amalgam or whatever it is that you’re removing so