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family dentistry | dental insurance reviews

Family dentistry | dental insurance reviews

  • that’s like the number  one most important thing to  family dentistry  me besides  like makeup hair and nails like hygiene.
  • and oral hygiene is super important and  to be honest when I was younger I didn’t take care of my teeth.
  • as well as I should have like now I’m like on top of  my a-game every single day but when I was younger.
  • you know my mind set was just completely different and I was just like of course I brushed my teeth but .

I  did it like take pride in my mouth the way that I do now and I definitely pay the consequences so if you’re.

  • younger listen to the old folks in your life because they know what’s best for you  brush your teeth take care .
  • of your mouth because I don’t know about you guys but that’s like the first thing that I noticed about somebody.
  • when they’re talking to me is their teeth I’m not saying my teeth are perfect by any means  because my teeth are .
  • actually one of my least favorite features about myself and I’ve grown to like my teeth over the years but for a long .
  • time I was really insecure about them and just because I have ridges and gaps and everything I’ve  never had braces.

Anything like that but they just aren’t my favorite feature.

  • like that but I’m just saying it’s really important to take care of your hygiene your oral hygiene .
  • hair  makeup and nails because I don’t care how attractive you are if you don’t take care of yourself and all that just .
  • gets thrown out the window am i right alright and I know that this is really.