How to buy dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period as you notify the patient or don’t notify  dental insurance no waiting period the patient and carry the balance and just let them know when.

dental insurance no waiting period 
dental insurance no waiting period
  • I’ve seen it all over the board sherry what do you tell your clients or what do you talk about.
  • I know what we say but which I shared a bit what do you say I say that if it’s a true credit and the patient overpaid the faster you refund the patient
  • The better relationship you have with the patient and the better trust you have with the patient if .
  • They find out that you’ve been holding bucks for six months you’re losing a patient yes the faster you refund a legitimate credit balance

The stronger your relationship is with that patient because you have to remember that what you if you hold that credit balance .

What you have done is cut the credibility of your treatment coordinator and what I mean is your treatment coordinator has to present a treatment plan and an out-of-pocket portion to the patient and says we estimate your insurance pays .

This much and we estimate you pay this much it’s an estimate we did their best by gathering as much information from your insurance as possible and here’s what we think and we coach you all to get paid that estimated patient portion at.

The time of service but what if that estimate was off well are you gonna get that patient to write you a check again the next time or their family or friends that go to you if you don’t say hey our estimate .

Was off here’s the check so refunding legitimate credit balances is absolutely a key relationship builder to the patient it instills trust.

With the patient but many times when I am cleaning up accounts receivables credit balances are not legitimate so you have to before you cut the check which you should do quickly you have to review the account and you need to look a