affordable full coverage dental insurance

Affordable full coverage dental insurance

webinar we are going to leave this affordable full coverage dental insurance checked we just want to set one set of fees for any given fee schedule today and I’m going to go.

ahead and click OK and that adds our fee schedule if I want to I can then move it up or down my list of fee schedules whatever I want to.

affordable full coverage dental insurance
affordable full coverage dental insurance

so I’m going to go ahead and close here and now dental insurance I’m going to go over the other way of setting up or adding a new fee schedule and?

this is my preferred method I come to the lists menu I go to procedure codes and this way when I add my fee schedule I’m also.

going to be able to add my fees in so to start with we are going to use the fee schedules button in the lower-right to get us back to that.

the screen that we were just at and in here again it’s the same process I can add my fee schedule and maybe I’m getting ready preparing for.

next year so I’m going to add in office fees again normal not hidden and use global so once I click OK now I have office fees and I would.

be ready to add fees into that the other button I want to go over beside the up-and-down which will move these up and down as.

 needed is the sort and you can sort by type and alphabetically so it would put all normals together and then in alphabetical order if we.

did that and then we could just move our main office fees up to the top so that it’s the one that we’re looking at I’m going to go ahead.

and close here and now in this affordable full coverage dental insurance window, like I said the reason I like to add a fee schedule from within this window is then I can use.